How To Check NABCO Placement & Posting 2021

By | January 14, 2021

This is a full post on how average Ghanaians can check their NABCO placement & posting for 2020 in Ghana.

Per confirmation, there are four ways through which you can check your placement and posting status. If you have been looking for these ways, this we have covered all for you in this latest post.

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If you are a NABCO trainee, you can learn how to login to NABCO portal here.

In this article, I will like to show you the four ways you can check your NABCO placement and checking list for 2020 per confirmation from GoLearnersHub.

NABCO Web Portal

The best way to check your NABCO placement and posting is via the NABCO portal, since the entire NABCO registration process was online.

  1. You just need to visit the web portal
  3. sign in into your account with your NABCO registration number and password
  4. you will see the status of your application
  5. There will also be access to any NABCO news update concerning your NABCO placement and appointments.

SMS Message from NABCO

The SMS method has been the most preferred way of communication by NABCO. There will be no reason for NABCO to change the SMS means of communication since it has been the main form of communication.

You are always to make sure you keep your phone number active from November 1. There will be additional information like a PIN or code — of which you may write and keep note of.

Email from NABCO

Email has become one of the effective means of communication in today’s advanced technological world. NABCO will send you some important information such as appointment and placement via email. Be sure to always check your mails and spam folders to confirm message from NABCO.

List of Appointment at Preferred District

In case all the digital means of communication do not work for you, there is an option for you to check your placement in your District Office.

It is not confirmed though, but NABCO Head Office in Accra may send a list there which contains all those posted into the district and where they have been posted to.

How Much Do NABCO Pay Applicants?

NABCO successful applicants will be placed under a model that best suits their qualifications. The beneficiaries will be engaged for a period of three years and they are expected to earn a monthly stipend of GHS700 each. This amount is non-taxable.

If you are yet to apply for NABCO Ghana recruitment job positions, you can follow the best guide here.

You can also share your ideas and suggestions with us about how to check NABCO placement and posting.

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