Best Information Technology University In Ghana

Over the last few years, Information Technology has taken over the trends and has made the field very lucrative and attractive to the youths who want to have blossoming careers.

You can never make a bad career choice when it comes to Technology so it has accounted for the reason most Universities are offering the program because it has become a hot cake.

Reasons Why the IT Industry Is a Great Career Choice

1. Quick Employment: Tech companies are looking to hire IT professionals because demand is high and there aren’t enough qualified workers to fill the gap. 

2. A Variety of Career Opportunities: Information Technology is not a standalone sector.
It has connections to every other industry, making it a flexible field for employment.
Digital transformation is bringing about change in every industry, from healthcare to agriculture, giving IT professionals the freedom to select a profession that suits their interests.

3. Easy Career Growth: As technology advances, so do IT professionals. The position requires it.
However, compared to other industries, their ability to advance their careers quickly and easily is made possible by their relentless pursuit of information.

Tech professionals frequently begin their careers at entry level and advance to a mid-level managerial role within a few years.
Just as it is common for businesses to look for exceptional students before they graduate.

4. It Pays Well:Tech experts are valued for their specialized skill sets. They are therefore priceless assets in any company. Therefore, even at junior or entry-level employment, their financial pay for their work is far more than the average norm.

5. A Reasonable Education: Each position in the IT sector demands a particular set of skills.
Applicants typically need to show that they have the required level of technical skill, as well as proof of their education and some work experience, in order to be considered for a post.

However, a 4-year university degree is not something that all skilled people must possess.
They typically land an entry-level position if they have the appropriate certification and exhibit the ability to do responsibilities.

And compared to a full degree in computer sciences, certification training programs are quicker and much less expensive.
So, even if you wish to start from scratch, anyone with enough determination to pursue a career in IT can do so.

Best Information Technology University In Ghana

According to the SCIMAGO Institutions Ranking for 2022, the University of Ghana GHA University
came in the first place for the best Infrmation Technology University while Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology GHA University came second.

Meanwhile below are some other universities in Ghana offering Information Technology.

Below are some information technology schools in Ghana.

  • UCC Department Of Computer Science And Information Technology
  • Accra Institute Of Technology
  • UDS Faculty Of Communication Science
  • UENR School Of Information Technology
  • UEW Department Of Information Technology
  • Advance Information Technology Institute
  • Bluecrest University College
  • Ghana Technology University College Faculty Of Information Technology
  • IPMC College Of Information Technology
  • Islamic University College Department Of Information Technology
  • University Of Professional Studies Department Of Information Technology
  • WIUC Department Of Information Technology
  • Beacon Training Ghana
  • Rlg Institute Of Technology
  • Wisconsin International University College, Legon
  • Sikkim Manipal University Kumasi-Asokwa Campus, Kumasi
  • Sikkim Manipal University Accra-Ring Road Campus, Accra
  • Baldwin University College, Accra

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