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Air Fountain Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth Buying? Read This Review Before You Buy Air Fountain.

The Air Fountain System by John Gilmore is an e-book guide with the information you need to give your family a drink and help fight the mega drought. It has information about a device you can make at home to turn the water in the air into water.

This thing is called a portable endless spring by John Gilmore. The device comes with a system that lets people get water from the environment, which has a nearly endless supply. A condensation principle is used to make it work.

Once it’s set up, the machine will turn the water in the air into water. Besides this, it can also filter the water so that it is safe to drink. The person who made it says that it can make up to fifty gallons of water every day.

What led to the making of the Air Fountain System?
John Gilmore, who came up with the idea for the Air Fountain System, promises that this water filter will work. He says it’s the same thing the Israeli army used to get water while training and fighting in the desert.

It’s a machine that can make clean water that won’t hurt the people who use it. This device makes oxygenated water, which can help you speed up your metabolism. You don’t have to worry about pesticides, fluoride, or other heavy metals that can cause cancer getting into your body.

With the Air Fountain System, you can always get clean, fresh water because it uses the moisture in the air to make water. By putting this together, you won’t have to depend so much on tap water and its unreliable filters.

The Endless Portable Spring and Water Filtration
The pollution of water supplies by American oil companies has made it impossible for most American families to filter their own water. The chemicals these companies use are dangerous and contain toxic chemicals that make water wells dirty.

When taken in large amounts, these chemicals can cause cancer and other long-term illnesses. But this won’t happen to you because the portable endless spring Air Fountain costs less to put together than a bottle of water.

The technology behind the Air Fountain System has been tested in the field and has worked in many places, including the desert. Different people in the military have used it successfully for years and still do.

About John Gilmore, the man who made the Air Fountain System
The Air Fountain System was thought up by John Gilmore. He is a well-known writer and editor who focuses on survival in the wild. He says he is a proud father and husband. He lives with his wife and 14-year-old son on a small farm in Arizona.

He wants to leave a good mark on the world by using the skills and knowledge he has gained over the years. After his well dried up because of a severe drought, he got the idea to make the Air Fountain System.

Over the years, this guide’s tips have helped tens of thousands of homeowners, and many of them no longer need to use traditional water supply systems. John says the following are some of the reasons you should use the information in this guide:

It can help you stop the bad things that happen when droughts last for a long time.
The device taps into humidity and turns it into drinking water using new technology.
It can give you the freedom you need from water companies that want to make money.
It’s cheap to build because all the parts are easy to find.
Several users have tried it and found that it works in a wide range of US settings.

Who Does the Air Fountain System Work?
The Air Fountain System has features that can help anyone who needs and wants to drink water that is clean and not contaminated. It’s the tool you need to deal with the lack of water and lessen the effects of the big drought that’s expected over the next few years.

Simply put, it will help anyone who needs something that can make clean water.

What Does the Air Fountain System Guide Have Included?
The guide to the Air Fountain System is more than just a how-to book. To set up and fully run this system, you need to do everything that is needed. In this guide to the Air Fountain System, you’ll find step-by-step video instructions, diagrams, and pictures of how your device should look.

You can use all of this information to finish the project faster than ever. Even better, you can get all the parts you need to build the device for less than $300.

Besides the main guide, you’ll also have access to a number of extra materials, such as:

How to Make Sure You Have Enough Water
John Gilmore says it is the best guide to water storage ever written. But do you know what to do to keep it in good shape? You can make as much water as you and your family will ever need with the Air Fountain System.

This bonus guide shows you all the best-kept water storage secrets. The report lists all of the important tools and supplies that your project will need to be a success.

It talks about some of the best and most unusual places to keep water for later use. In it, you’ll also find out how to make sure your water keeps running even when it’s freezing outside. It’s the guide you need to stop questioning how you’re storing water.

How to Purify and Mineralize Water
The second bonus is a special report that tells you what you need to do to get rid of expensive water filters and keep drinking clean, uncontaminated water. The report gives you a few things you can do yourself to clean water.

Using these methods, you can turn the water you made with the Air Fountain System into clean, clear H2O. It explains 9 ways that have been tried and tested to clean dirty or contaminated water sources.

Use this guide to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how iodine works, how to filter water, how to clean water with the sun, and why you should boil water before drinking it. It even has a section on how to filter water with banana peels.

When it comes to mineralization, it will tell you how to re-mineralize water so that it has all the minerals your body needs to stay healthy and work properly.

The Deadly Agents Hidden in Water
The last bonus item is a special course that will teach you everything you might want to know about the things in your drinking water that you can’t see. You need to take this class to learn why it’s important to filter and clean water before drinking it.

Inside, you’ll find out how to recognize the poisons that are probably in the water. Some examples of these kinds of chemicals are:

Viruses and bacteria
Parasitic protozoa
The heavy metals arsenic and other

The report will also explain six ways that nature can make your drinking water unsafe and what you can do to stop this from happening. The guide will teach you how to prevent and treat infections that are spread by water.

It also shows how some ways of cleaning water don’t work as well as they should.

Note: Each report costs $49 when sold separately, but you’ll get them all for free when you buy the Air Fountain System.

The Air Fountain System has a number of benefits and features.

The Air Fountain System gives its users the following perks:

Instructions that are simple and easy to follow People who want to make this device don’t have to worry about learning how to do it. The directions are easy to follow and include photos, detailed diagrams, and step-by-step video tutorials.

It doesn’t cost much to build, and the money you save on your water bill more than makes up for it. The device makes sure that you never have to worry about paying expensive monthly water bills, no matter where you live or what the weather is like.

Small and easy to carry The Air Fountain System is small and light, so it is easy to take with you wherever you go. Because it is small, you can use it at home or bring it with you to the field whenever you need to.

The Air Fountain System also has the following benefits:

  • It comes with three extra reports that don’t cost anything extra.
  • People will find it easy to make and use, and they won’t need to talk to a craftsperson.
  • It doesn’t need a lot of room to work.

Does the Air Fountain System work as well as they say it does?
All of the online reviews and testimonials we read while writing this review show that this product is real. Consumers who have reviewed it say that it has helped them save money on their water bills and get clean drinking water whenever they want.

Because it is small and compact, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Buying The Air Fountain System
The guide to the Air Fountain System can only be bought on the website for $39.00. For this price, you can help save the environment and save money on your water bill. Your investment is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Refund Policy
When you buy the Air Fountain System, you’re not just buying a book. You’re also making an investment in your future and your peace of mind. But if you don’t like what it tells you, you can get a full refund by emailing or calling the seller at:

For help with a product, email [email protected]
Help with BuyGoods by phone: 302-404-2568
Its maker offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked for people who don’t like it.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to build the Air Fountain System?
A. The step-by-step video guides take about 30 minutes to watch. After that, you’ll need another two hours to make the device. You should know, though, that the time it takes to make it will depend on two things: how well you understand it and how good you are at making it.

It will take less time for people to finish the project if they have help building it.

Q: What kind of risk does this investment have?
A. The Air Fountain System doesn’t have any risks. You can make the device from scratch with the help of the tutorials and this guide. If the device doesn’t work or doesn’t meet your needs, you can always ask for your money back.

Q: Does the Air Fountain System need a lot of room to work?
A. There isn’t much space needed for the Air Fountain System to work. You can build it and get it up and running in any space you have. Small yards, balconies, or any area with about ten square feet of space are all good options.


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