Accounting Software Training In Ghana

To do your job well as an accountant, you’ll need a few tools. Good accounting software is one of the most crucial instruments. How you can pick the finest software for your company out of so many options is often a challenge for accountants. 
We’re talking about accounting software that can manage several businesses in this post. 


Types Of Accounting Software

Accounting software is used to gather information about a company’s financial sustainability and to report on it. This software is essential for an organization’s proper administration. Before choosing on a software package, it’s crucial to understand the many types of accounting software and when each should be utilized. The following is a list of general accounting software classifications.


The accounting software for a small firm might be as simple as an electronic spreadsheet. The spreadsheet software is low-cost, and the system can be customized in any way. Spreadsheets, on the other hand, are prone to error since data can be entered improperly, in the wrong location, or not at all, resulting in inaccurate financial statements. As a result, spreadsheets are often employed by businesses with very modest transaction volumes.

Commercially-Available Software

COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) software is the most widely used accounting software  It is fairly adjustable to a business’s needs, has numerous layers of error detection to prevent improper data entry, and generates standard reports that can typically be customized to the user’s needs. There are COTS packages tailored to various industries, with additional capabilities to meet the needs of their target consumers. COTS software may require the assistance of consultants to install and maintain, a

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) integrates data from all areas of a company into a single database. This method eliminates the issues that come with having separate department-specific software that doesn’t share data

Accounting Software Training

Below are the list of some accounting training software

Learn Accounting For Free is a website with an online course where you can start to learn accounting for, well, free! This whole course is free and entirely video-based. You’ll learn through 75+ hours of speed-adjustable lessons with synchronized graphics providing an engaging learning experience. Test yourself with hundreds of practice quizzes and detailed video explanations to make sure the accounting skills are sinking in. 

Accounting Coach

Accounting Coach is another excellent resource for learning accounting fundamentals. You’ll be given free access to 33 different categories of accounting information. When you’ve mastered accounting principles, they do offer Pro and Pro Plus alternatives with more advanced lessons. However, if you only want to learn the basics, the free option is perfect!

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) Accounting Course

The Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) offers a two-part accounting fundamentals course that will walk you through the process of accounting. The balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement will all be covered in this course. You’ll also discover how to create financial statements from the ground up. This free accounting course is a necessary component for undertaking financial modeling and other sorts of financial analysis. This is a fantastic course to complete at your own speed and in a short amount of time.

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