5 Hidden Google Chrome Features in 2021

By | October 18, 2021

While it is understandable that other people prefer Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer to Google Chrome, there is no doubt that Chrome is a brilliant browser. And, thanks to the ingenious people behind the web browser, there are many gems hidden under the hood.

In today’s article, I would like to give you the top 5 Hidden Google Chrome Features in 2021.

You simply have to know where to find those hidden Google Chrome features, and you’ll be experimenting a lot with them.

Experimental Features

There is only one thing you need to know, really: about:flags.

Simply type that in the URL field. It’s the “Open Sesame” of Chrome, so to speak. Once you type that in and hit enter, you’ll have access to tons of hidden Chrome features. In order to use a feature, you just have to click Enable and relaunch Chrome.

There is a word of warning, however, as these hidden features are actually experimental. There’s a reason they are hidden from the public’s default view after all.

Since there are a lot of these hidden Chrome features, let’s take a look at a couple you can put to good use.

Tab Overview

This feature is for Macs, and is perfect if you have many tabs open all at the same time. All you need to do is swipe down with three fingers, and you’ll get an overview of all your tabs. Simply click on an icon to view the tab.

Side Tabs

If you’re using a PC, this is the hidden Chrome feature to use instead of Tab Overview. Just right-click on a tab and select “Use side tabs”, and you’ll see the tabs on a left sidebar.

Memory Usage

Are you addicted to stats? Do you like knowing how much memory your browser is using up? Type chrome://memory in the URL field, and you’ll get something like this.


Want something even nerdier? Use chrome://net-internals, and get your fill of network diagnostic information and tools. Here’s a glimpse.

Tracing: for developers

If you’re a developer, or aspiring to be one, then you will find this hidden Chrome feature useful. Type chrome://tracing/ in the URL field. It basically gives you the power to analyze performance by logging browser activity.

These are the top 5 Hidden Google Chrome Features you can try today.

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