Here I present to you some of the 5 Annoying Things People Do With Their Phones when in Trotro.

According to history, the term or name “tro-tro” was derived from the old Ga word which means three pence (the unit of currency used during the period of British rule in Ghana). To talk at that time, three pence was the going rate for a single ride in the public transport vehicles that came to be known by the same name. In addition, history made us to understand that, tro-tros were Bedford trucks converted to hold passengers seated on wooden benches.

trotroThe term tro-tro is almost everywhere and commonly used language in Ghana of which every Ghanaian knows this word. Today, a tro-tro is a catch-all phrase for any public transport vehicle in Ghana that is privately owned and may be hailed at points along its route. The most usual vehicles are small Nissan buses, mini-vans or converted pick-up trucks. Although pence is no longer the currency of Ghana, tro-tros remain incredibly cheap, usually costing just a few pesewas. With no set schedule or route map, however, you’ll need to follow the guidelines below to take advantage of this cheap and colorful transport option.

1. Playing Musics

Someone will just enter into a bus and start playing music with their phones. Sometimes, some of these musics will be so loud that everyone in the bus will hear. Please, who told you that they need a Disc Jockey in the bus?
In other cases, it may not be music. It could be a religious preaching.

2. Taking Selfies

This is a real confirm selfie addict. They take out their phone and click, they are snapping. They are not even bothered if they are taking the pictures of fellow commuters in the Trotro.

3. Showing Off Their Chats

For those who are curious, you can read the chat of the person beside you. That is if she is chatting on Whatsapp, Facebook or IMO. Everything is laid bare. Certain individuals are not conscious of what they do with their phones in Trotro.

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4. Talking At The Top Of Their Voice

Oh my God! You must have heard someone shouting at the top of his or her voice because he/she is talking on the phone. Why can you just speak like a gentleman or lady? Keep your conversation to yourself!

5. Plugging Your Ears

There is nothing wrong with plugging your ears in commercial buses. However, when you have change or something you do with the conductor, you should at least leave one of your ears unplugged. It can be annoying if you do not respond when someone is speaking with you in Trotro

In summary, tro-tro is commonly known Ghanaian term concerning commercial cars and people board it by paying to reach their destinations. It can be paid in pesewas or Ghana cedi(s) depending on where you are going.

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