Top 10 Shipping Companies In Ghana 2022

By | April 10, 2022

Shipping has become one of the major activities in Ghana as it deals with the transporting of goods and services, this also entails the importing and exporting of the usual products and other things that mankind needs to survive and carry on with other important tasks.

The import of goods and services right from Ghana to other countries and from other countries into Ghana has become a huge business for some individuals who have decided to set up an organization in providing Ghanaians with such service to help them send and receive the goods that they wish to be sent/received from/to loved ones.

These companies are referred to as the shipping companies, In Ghana, the use of a ship to transport goods is very common because many people tend to convey bulky goods in and out of the country.

ICT Catalogue has the complete list of the Top 10 Shipping Companies In Ghana for the year 2022.

Today we are here to look at 10 Shipping companies in Ghana that are providing better service to Ghanaians all around the nation.

The Premier Freight Logistics Limited

This privately-owned company is located in Tema, Ghana. They have been operating for over 15 years now in the logistics industry, one can get in touch with them via + 233 (0)303 217284/+233 (0) 244 566344/+233(0)501607374, or email them at; [email protected]

Global Cargo and Commodities Ltd

This company has experience in managing projects from Ship handling to consolidating cargo in various parts of the world. They are located behind the Engen filling station or opposite the UBA Tema Habour. On can contact them on (+233) 303200740 or  (+233)303214148

Mayland Transport Logistics Courier/Delivery and Postal Services

 This Shipping company offers express deliveries either by sea, road, and rail across the whole wild world. They are located at Wanlida Building, Mills Street, Accra, Ghana. One can contact them on +233-302-862-823 or +233-232-292-639.

Global Packing Services

 This organization is also a specialist in packing, relocating, clearing, export and shipping, they are the best in exporting valuable and fragile properties. They can be reached on +233244520414 or +233249145873

Water Front All Services

Waterfront all services has great experience and resources to develop complete freight solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs. They can be contacted on +233 303 200 740 or E-mail them at [email protected], they can be found at the Tema Habour behind the Engen Filling Station.

Logical Maritime Service Limited

 They are one of the top freight Forwarding companies in Ghana providing transport solutions to their clients. They are located near the Lighthouse Chapel International, Cornerstone Cathedral, Tema Community 8, they can be contacted on +233 30 330 0877/+233 30 332 1868 or E-mail at [email protected]

Reliable Logistics and services

  They are on the First Street, Sekyiman Plaza, 1st Floor Suite 4 Tema. They have managed a wide array of port handling, containerized and bulk clearing, and goods held under bond and storage.

Shipping Brothers Company limited

 This company is the best West African freight forwarding and shipping company whose aim is to become the leader in the industry. Address: P.O.Box AC 458, Arts-Center, Accra, Ghana. Phone Number: +233-277-333-254 / +233-548-837-966

Express Global Shipping and Security

(EGSSCL) is a high-security vault and deposit boxes company and also an international air and ocean freight forwarder and NVOCC founded in 1975 and headquartered in Accra, Ghana providing international and domestic (import and export) air freight, ocean freight, rail freight, warehousing, and trucking services worldwide. They can be reached on +23324301219 +233541240604


DHL Ghana is one of the best shipping companies not only in Ghana but the whole world at large, they also provide the best service for Ghanaian individuals willing to import/export goods and services to/for each and every Ghanaian citizen whether in the country or not. Their offices are opened in Accra and Kumasi, they can be found at the North Ridge Crescent Road at Accra and at the Kumasi Building at Adum, Kumasi. They can be contacted at +233-302-2213090 or +233-322-2023013. One can visit their official website ( for more information.

I believe our today’s article guide has helped you on the list of the Top 10 Shipping Companies In Ghana for the year 2022..

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