10 Best Websites to Download Instrumental Songs in Ghana

Downloading a free instrumental to vibe with is necessary for up-and-coming artists. Here are the best websites to download instrumental songs in Ghana for free.

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Becoming an artist or musician is a full journey. Sometimes you will have to listen to some already-made instrumentals to gain the motivation to write something. There are other times when you want to write something that fits other artists’ instrumentals.

The problem of not finding the right place to download your instrumental songs is over. In this article, I will help you find the best websites to download instrumental songs in Ghana.

10 Best Websites to Download Instrumental Songs in Ghana

There are many websites offering instrumentals for free download. I have compiled a list of some of them. You should also note that this list is not in any special order.

Check below the list of sites where you can download some instrumentals.

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most significant video search engines out there. You can find many different types of content on this platform. One of the most shared content you will find on this platform is music.

You can have a lot of instrumental songs on YouTube. While some of them are for sale, there are others that are completely free to use. With the help of YouTube video downloaders, you can download a lot of instrumental videos and convert them into MP3 or any format you want them.

2. Instrumentalstv.com

Instrumentalstv.com is a blog that specializes in uploading various popular instrumentals. Usually, the instrumentals on this website are popular music instrumentals.

There are also other instrumental songs available on the website that are completely new. You can download all these instrumentals for free. However, you must note that using someone else’s instrumental in your song without permission may infringe on their rights.

3. Instrumentals.com.ng

Instrumentals.com.ng is a Nigerian blog that publishes instrumentals. Even though it is a Nigerian blog, it also publishes Ghanaian instrumentals as well as instrumentals from other countries.

If you want some of the best instrumentals to download for free, you should check out this website. The download procedure is very simple and you do not need any third-party software to do that.

4. ZackNation.org

ZackNation is one of the most popular blogs where Ghanaians download their MP3 songs all the time. What you should know about this blog is the fact that it has some of the best instrumentals.

You must know exactly what you are looking for to be able to download instrumentals from this website. The site has an easy download button that you can always use to download your songs.

5. Halmblog

Halmblog.com is another website that publishes songs in MP3 file formats. The blog also has a full category dedicated to publishing only instrumentals.

Some of the instrumentals you will see on this blog includes instrumentals from popular Ghanaian songs as well as instrumentals from up-and-coming producers. If you want some of the best websites to download instrumental songs in Ghana, then you should check this blog out.

6. Ghanasongs.com

Ghanasongs.com is one popular website where most Ghanaians download their MP3 songs. Of course, the website has some amazing Ghanaian songs available for free download.

What most people do not know is the fact that the website is also home to some of the most popular Ghanaian song instrumentals. You can download popular instrumentals as well as random instrumentals made by random engineers.

7. 430box.com

If you want some professional beats then you can try 430box.com. The website has some amazing professional beats that you can download for your projects for free.

There is a full category on the website that is dedicated to only free beats. You should also note that some of the beats on this website are monetized so you will have to contact the producers to be able to use them.

8. OneClickGhana

Oneclickghana.com is also a good choice if you want to download instrumental songs. This website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Even though the number of instrumentals available on this website is not much, there is still more to download. Most of the instrumentals are the popular music instrumentals we already know.

9. BeatzNation

BeatzNation is one of the best websites out there where most Ghanaians download MP3 songs. It has a very user-friendly interface that makes you find what you want easily.

The website also publishes instrumentals which you can also download for your projects. However, most of the instrumentals on this website are embedded from YouTube. So you will have to use a YouTube video downloader to be able to download these instrumentals.

10. Gh360songs.com

Gh360songs.com might not look as professional as other similar websites but there are some amazing songs on the website for free download.

There are also instrumentals available on this website you can download for your projects. Note that these instrumentals are of some popular songs in Ghana and using them without permission might cause some copyright issues.


Most up-and-coming artists prefer to download random instrumentals for their projects. These are some of the websites that will help you to download some amazing instrumentals to work with.

You should also note that downloading random instrumentals and using them in your project without permission will cause copyright issues. Always seek permission from the original producers before you use these instrumentals in your professional projects.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave a comment below and I will reply as early as possible.

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