Hypocrisy at its Best

The double standards and high level of hypocrisy exhibited in this world is far outrageous.
The exhibition of this high level of hypocrisy  really calls for an alarm. The world is now full of leaders whose hypocrisy is far beyond measure.
Let me start with the issues of rebels. A rebel group we all know is a small group of notorious criminals which aim at derailing the progress of a country. Hence, one is in full support of numerous measures being put in place to destroy various rebel groups.
The Lords Resistance Army of Uganda, the Al- Shabab of Somalia and currently the BokoHaram of Nigeria who are against western education. All these are rebel groups being hunted down rigorously.
The hypocrisy comes in here. How come all these rebel groups are being hunted down? Obviously the answer is clear to all. They retard progress.
If so, how come the same rebels in Libya were supported by NATO backed by the UN?  Were the rebels in Libya not rebels? Is this not double standards  on the part of the world?
Supporting one rebel group and the next moment, condemning  the  other.
Whiles they are all rebels.
We do not sit with rebels, we rather destroy them.
Another great hypocrisy on the part of the world has to do with Syria and the Arab League.
Syria, a country with some civilians agitating for the end of  Al Saad government.
Their concern are indeed pure and of course legitimate. With most Syrians crying out for a democratic  rule. Wailing for change.
But the issue has to do with the Arab League led by a country  whose inhabitants had not voted for years and has no respect for women rights. A country where pity crimes like stealing is punishable by death.
Saudi Arabia is the country I am talking about. A country which fuels almost all the world’s  automobile but yet still in this 21st century does not allow women to drive or vote.
With such a country leading the Arab League and trying to impose sanctions on Al Assad and Syria as a whole to comply to democracy not being hypocrite?
When mere rights to vote and drive by women is  offensible to massive  lashings.
Is that not hypocrisy to the highest level?
Indeed this world is full of hypocrites.
The bases of the overthrow of Brother Al- Gaddafi has to do with him being in power far too long and hence his immediate removal from power. But this man you seeked to overththrow and eventually murdered him is not the only one who had being in power far too long.
Paul Biya of Cameroun who had being and is still in power had being in office for over 29 years with the likes of Baba Jimmeh still in there.
Had the overththrow of Gaddafi not being purely political?
Did I say overthrow? Sorry, it had to be the death of Gaddafi, not being political and for pure selfish interest?
A death which the UN secretary hailed so much amid his hypocrital talks of condemning murder.
In fact this world is full of hypocrites.

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