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This article is going to be purely on Gatorpeeps dot com and what to know about this.

I had the privilege of witnessing Justin Hartmanannounce Gatorpeeps.com to the world during BarCamp Nigeria 2009 in Lagos Nigeria. After a few weeks of use, I am still excited about it. Gatorpeeps – essentially a subset of Afrigator – is a micro-blogging platform that enables users to share their thoughts in just 140 characters and also network with one another.
A glance at gatorpeeps.com brings a name to one’s mind – Twitter. Matter of fact, Afrigator once connected to Twitter and republished Afrigator users’ twits. Gatorpeeps has now effectively replaced Twitter in that area. Gatorpeeps is African and more relevant to African bloggers. I am thus sharing 5 things I have loved most about Gatorpeeps.

Web Design
Being a website designer myself, I appreciate clean and attractive website design. I couldn’t help loving the clean Web 2.0 look. The overall design of gatorpeeps fits nicely into the look-and-feel of its parent site – Afrigator.
A test post from Gatorpeeps.com successfully appeared on my Facebook profile & my personal blog via Twitter.
Tight integration with Afrigator
Aside the uniform web design, Gatorpeeps is closely knitted into Afrigator. I was happy to find out that I did not need to create a separate login just to join Gatorpeeps. My existing Afrigator login was all I needed (I wish this had been the case with AdGator).

Twitter integrated
Gatorpeeps is connected to Twitter’s API. In lay man’s language, that means my peeps (excluding replies) automatically appear on my Twitter updates. Since my Twitter account is linked to other services like Facebook, my personal blog, Yahoo etc, my updates from Gatorpeeps would automatically be broadcast on the other platforms. I tested it this morning and it worked. Life couldn’t be sweeter for a geek.
I was a bit surprised to see my snapshot on Gatorpeeps. I didn’t remember uploading any profile image. It turned out that Gatorpeeps grabs snapshots from gravatar.com Gravatar (an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally-unique avatars.
Gatorpeeps is basically about social networking, and it does that very well. There are several communities of interest one could join, one could follow friend’s blog posts, it includes one’s latest blog posts in every peep, there are multiple tools to enable you integrate your peeps into your blog(s) and other social networking platforms.
Some blog posts from the team behind Gatorpeeps:
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Are you an African blogger? What has been your experience with using Gatorpeeps so far? Share your thoughts here and now. Happy Peeping! Share this:Related posts:How to make Gatorpeeps work for you I’m in love with Afrigator 🙂 Meet a new and improved Digg.com Limitations with ranking the most influential Twitter users

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